SUPERSUCKERS @ Musée Juste Pour Rire

By K-Man - "Beyond That Graveyard! III" - 04/23/2006

I gotta say right off the bat, these guys are always better the first time you see them. I saw them in '93, was it? They were a lot more punk rock, you know that whole cow-punk dealio, all guitar and even more attitude. Now it was April 23, 2006.

That being said, a clean and sober Eddie Spaghetti started the show with a few acoustic country tunes, including the Johnny Cash classic "Cocaine Blues", which by the way, you can find on Spag's new country album. They then proceeded to play mostly songs from their latest release... decent . A few oldies came out in the end. They had their pattented choreography down as usual, and the soloing was typically good, but I have to say, the magic had faded for me. Eddie had mellowed out to the point of not even insulting the crowd once... not even once?! I know!

I'm sure first timers were stoked and the crowd's response reflected just that. I did find another way to amuse myself, like having a "spot the boob with the stupidest hat in the room" competition with my friends Mark and Robin. They all won, because urban cowboys always made me laugh. I think I actually pissed myself... a little.

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