TAKING BACK SUNDAY + Atreyu + Funeral for a Friend @ Metropolis

By Nikkie Landry - 11/15/04

Last night was the Atreyu/Funeral For A Friend/Taking Back Sunday show. Although all the bands were only merely as good as the last time they were in town (if I remember correctly, Atreyu played last August 25th with Underoath; Funeral For A Friend opened for Coheed and Cambria this past March 31st and well, Taking Back Sunday headlining their own show, all three incidentally at the Rainbow), this was fun show.

Funeral For A Friend were in good shape, kicking some serious butt Brit-style, delivering some of their big hits such as "Red Is The New Black", "Juneau" and "The Art Of American Football" (retitled "The Art Of Canadian Ice Hockey" for the night). Their set was tight, and since last time, the crowd had down some research, welcoming them warmly and screaming: "THE SITUATION ISN"T GETTING ANY BETTER" along with the band.

Then yours truly brought on the mosh to Atreyu, went in the breakdown, kicked it in style, slipped on blood and got kicked in the ribs. That was definitely hardcore, but their set? Hmmm..so-so. I think this partly has to do with the fact that there were alot of people there that haven't quite learned the HC etiquette yet (and this means picking up people who are on the floor in the mosh...tsk tsk) and the fact that Atreyu is good in a small venue, where the intimacy only adds to the drama of their music. Also, the new CD isn't quite has "tight" as Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses in my opinion, perhaps because there's a big emphasis on the melodic aspect on the The Curse album. But aside from that, they were still good, although they definitely should have played more songs off the previous CD than just "Lipgloss And Black" and Ain't Love Grand".

Finally the long-awaited emo divas, Taking Back Sunday, came out and razzled dazzled the crowd. Perhaps it was the big line-up change, but they did get a tad better since the last time they were in town. However, it still doesn't make them live up to the quality of their music on CD. They are all in all, with all honesty, a very disappointing band live. I mean they have great music and great lyrics, but once you take that music and make it live, it seems to just lose its spark.

So this big scenesters meeting get a 7 on 10 because, well it's obvious by now, isn't it???