The Great White North In Summer - New Media and Politics

Other than the sound of too many mosquitoes and black flies, all should be quiet on most fronts in Canada. Sadly one of our fronts is Afghanistan, so there will be trouble to report on the whole season long. For example today a Rolling Stone interview with the NATO Commander, Stanley McChrystal was released and all hell broke loose. Read for yourself, but essentially the General displays a poor sense of judgement, gets drunk on Bud Light Lime, and then spills his guts to the reporter and it's not pretty. Viscera, entrails, the works!

 That directly concerns and affects Canadians serving over there and their families at this end. There's to be an offensive sometime this summer in the Kandahar region, the Taliban heartland, where most Canadian are stationed and the four-star General is the chief strategist... for now. He's been summoned to the White House and word is he's already offered his resignation. I'm with Keith Olbermann when he tells Obama not to accept. It's too easy a way out of a very tough spot that McChrystal helped to create.

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It'll be interesting to see which route Obama chooses.

As for the goings on here in Canada, well, the G-8 and G-20 summits are on the way and with all the mad spending that has gone on so far you won't be surprised that money was found to buy water canons (water projection systems are the official name!). What democracy can function without water canons?

Rest assured that even though Parliament is off for three months somewhere, somehow Iggy will be putting his foot in it.


Word from the Globe and Mail says Harper not looking to a fall election, but Jack Layton is.