THE LOCUST + Despised Icon + Child Abuse @ Cabaret Juste Pour Rire

By Jesara Sinclair - I Keep Hearing Noises in the Basement - 11/15/2007

Nobody told me it was an early show, and by the time I made it to Studio Juste Pour Rire, Child Abuse was about half-way through their set. Coming in, I was mostly just stoked on the blatantly politically incorrect name. The music was weird, tight and totally awesome. The guys had the fitting droopy-eyed rock star attitude about them, but they were barely moving to the weird, spastic sounds they were making, most likely due to the piles and piles of equipment taking up room on the stage. When Despised Icon took the stage after them, it was clear that a good chunk of the crowd had come for them. The hometown heroes played the crowd as much as their instruments.

The Locust then came on, dressed up like weird insects, as expected. Another creature, dressed like the band stood at the side of the stage taking pictures. I’ve been a fan of these guys since someone burned me a copy of their split with Melt Banana. For all the credit they get for being crazy, costumes aside, the show was focused on the music. I listened and thrashed and maybe spilled my beer a little bit in excitement as they stood in a line, making the weird noise that got me out to the show in the first place.

Great show, good sound, good energy, good bands, excited crowd.

(I’ve got to hand it to these kids. It was my first time at the Studio, but the only way out was past the merch tables. As kids filed out slower than usual -- due to the space being clogged by the line-ups for merch -- you couldn’t help but take a look and be tempted by t-shits, pins and records.)

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