Tonight @ 6pm: Hooked on Sonics: Wishkaah live & Pop Montreal Giveaways!

Huge POP Montreal episode of Hooked on Sonics today (6-8pm)! Wishkaah (Jesse from CTZNSHP) will be performing live, talking about his new record, and his upcoming POP Montreal shows (Saturday at 2PM at Divan Orange for PASSOVAH) AND FLIP the Industry will be stopping by to discuss their studio, upcoming fundraiser, and their month long open house. 

We'll be doing POP Montrealgiveaways for Health FOG + dj. flugvél og geimskip, and Holy F*ck + Fake Palms + New Fries + Technical Kidman- both CJLO co-presentations, happening next Thursday, Sept 22nd at Piccolo Rialto and Theatre Fairmount! Also giving away tickets for Let’s Eat Grandma with Look Vibrant & Hua Li, for next Friday at Bar Le Ritz PDB. Text CJLO (514-848-7471) your name and the show you want to see~ you can enter today (Thursday) at 4pm during Dirty Work up until 10pm on The Belldog!

Tune in and get stoked for POP 2016!!