With Gay Abandon Visits... Leslie & The Lys!


Club Lambi, on a Wednesday evening... Mild- mannered crowd fills the room, gingerly sipping their cosmos and making small talk. Suddenly, the lights dim and a video clip kicks in.... '80s spandex and headbands fills the screen... French cut unitards perfect thigh raises in uncanny synchronicity.... All the while a bangin' dance beat begins to fill the room.... Then, two amazingly outfitted dancers hit the stage, warming up the audience's gaze for the forthcoming glamour of Leslie Hall. Out of nowhere, Leslie appears, like a magical dancing queen. Between the three of them, their sheer volume of shiny spandex on stage should cause temporary blindness from the reflection alone. Their custom made gold spandex one-sies are not only awe-inspiring but are a perfect example of Leslie's handiwork - her website boasts made-to-order spandex outfits.

For the next hour and a half, the crowd is treated to a fully interactive show involving crowd participation, video projections that haven't seen the light of day in the last twenty years, death-defying dance stunts, costume changes, and of course, the grace of Leslie's self-taught dance moves. Their choreography and tailor-made stage props put almost any other live performer to shame, Leslie and the LYS put on one of the best live performances, rivalling a good ol' Vegas show number. Some highlights include her rotating booty-loveliness on a made-to-order spinning plate to her song “Blame The Booty,” and an impromptu appearance by Mayor Jazz, complete with elf ears, unbeknownst to Leslie and her band, referencing one of the characters in her hit song “Tight Pants/Body Rolls.”

Currently touring her latest album, “Back 2 Back Palz,” Leslie pays tribute to tight pants, non-stop dancing, beanie babies and handcrafting gems. She even does a song in honour of Kevin Costner's majestic “WaterWorld” movie of the mid 1990s. Leslie spreads her message of gem craftiness and gold spandex across the globe, all while touting her fierce Iowa pride. Her fans are die-hard wherever she travels, many coming out sporting their own gem sweaters, with high hopes of being inducted into the Gem Sweater Hall of Fame by Leslie herself. The combination of booty-shaking beats, catchy lyrics, fantastic outfits and complete fan-demonium makes any live Leslie and the LYS performance one not to be missed. Check out her website for tour dates and merch swag, or even perhaps your own tailor-made spandex one-sie!




















Julie: Okay, here we are at Club Lambi, in this gorgeous green room with Leslie from Leslie & the Lys.  And we are going to talk to you about... 

Leslie: Thank you for having me! I really hope that this is hilarious.  

J: [laughing] I'm sure it will be. 

L:  Yes! 

J: Okay first! What about your name, Leslie & The Lys. Is there a special meaning behind that? 

L: Um, there is a meaning that, “I'm going to give a band a name and then the band is not going to go anywhere so I'll change it later”, well that didn't turn out to be the case. Clearly I gave it a name. It exploded. It became a gia- it went from a baby puppy into a giant huge mechanical arm that now i use to touch people. 

J: That's amazing, and it really has touched people. Like here we are up in Canada and it has touched people all across this great nation of ours. 

L: Yesss! Sometimes I wonder if it's touching the cast of Degrassi High. 

J: I'm sure it is. The new cast or the old cast? 

L: Old cast. 

J: Yep, of course. Did I need to ask. So speaking of being in Canada and you being from Iowa. You promote a great sense of Iowa pride. How does that go over when you travel? 

L: Well clearly I think that there is a sense that you Canadian people have the same desires to talk about yourselves – when I look around your town and see tiny flags everywhere, and little leafs. I mean you guys love that little leaf don'tcha? You put it everywhere, it's on shampoo bottles! And license plates! It's on McDonald's signs and peoples' sneakers! I even saw a donut with sprinkles. And who is Tim Horton and why do you guys love him so much? 

J: Do you know the one thing about Tim Horton's is actually the chain has been bought by an American company. 

L: [Gasps] KACHING! That's money, that's money...that's one point for America. 

J: That's globalization. [claps] little claps...So where do you draw your inspiration from? 

L: Um probably being at home alone watching TV, being bored, wanting attention from people. That kind of thing. I mean I cannot say I am reading a magazine about a child with no legs who walks. Or a man with no eyes, but great breath. I'm doing it because I need it for me. 

J: Good answer. Okay, you have a new album just out. Can you talk about the inspiration for this new album? 

L:Yeah, that would probably have to be Iowa, that Iowa pride thing. That loving your town. I think again with the loneliness. My good- I gotta make some friends or something. Too much sky and too darn much gravel in ma shoes. It's uh, that's it. “Gosh wouldn't it be fun to have a real band that plays instruments” - And I thought that would, you know everyone can play country cause it's got that easy sound? But turns out robots do it better so I had my computer do it for me.  

J: Nice.

L: Yeah, and I don't have to pay musicians. BOOYAH! 

J: And once again [Claps] little claps, little claps. On your website you advertise Gay Weddings. How is that going for you as a business venture? 

L: Well...let's just say I should've put my pennies in my mouth before I did that. Because all I'm booking are lesbian couples and they require... “do this for me! Get that for me! Don't forget...! I want this...” I'm like “Ladies, ladies, ladies! Just let me sh...just show up, I'll watch you seal the deal, and everybody's going to be fine about it.” I have my first wedding in a couple of months, I'm really excited to see how it goes but performing on a ferry boat is on of 'em. One of them we're performing at a Holiday Inn banquet room in my hometown. One lady wants a bunch of chickens and I've only got...Zero at this point because of a raccoon that decided to take away my overhead...And other than that I get a lot of inquiries about doing Friendship Ceremonies. So...I think more people need to get married.

J: If you were to get married, what would your dream wedding be like? 

L: I would probably...oh geez, after I perform a few weddings I'll know more about what I want. It would probably...maybe I'm designing my perfect wedding. Illegal fireworks, a Culvers – do you have Culvers? Is this foreign to you? It is a custard ice cream versus an ice cream. Even though it would be...Oh yeah, I wouldn't get that, I would have the, I wouldn't get the custard ice cream. I would get a Vegan custard ice cream. It  would probably involve carrots, and pineapple juice. Because I think that makes it sweet and salty. 

J: Carrots are sweet, pineapple is sweet. 

L: Touché!  

J: Hmm. We can perfect that. 

L: Yes 

J: We have some time.  

L: We have some time. Oh I got plenty of time. Trust me, there is no wedding plans for me in the future!  


J: Little claps, little claps.  

L: The only person marrying me is my mirror reflection, because damn I'm pretty!

J: That's a good answer! Big claps! Big claps! So what is the status of the travelling Gem Museum, and when can we expect it in Montreal? 

L: This interview just took a very depressing turn, I might add! The 24 Foot RV is really un-drivable because it is extremely old. Never buy something off Ebay that is older than 36 years. That is a golden rule!  Yeah, so ideally, in Montreal I would be flown here with a bunch of suitcases like in that movie Legally Blonde. 

J: Yeah, and there's like new baggage regulations coming from the US, so I wonder how that might go over... 

L: It might require me to get a ferry boat. 

J: Yeah, well you'll have one next week...next month for a wedding? 

L: Yes, It will just require a space large enough and I will display them and I'll have people come in. I will dance and sing with them, and I'll let them touch my face. 

J: Amazing. In the meantime...yep, little claps [clapping] maybe we could have a virtual tour? Do you think that could exist before an actual tour here? 

L: Yes I do think that is a lot more feasible. 

J: That could be fun! That could be interactive. We could touch your face on the internet. 

L: Yes, just wipe your monitor off afterwards. 

J: Okay...So you ahh...promote and recommend the Bedazzler quite a bit... 

L: Nooo! I have no affiliation with... 

J: No, this is what I was going to get to, you be-gem items. I'm not going to use that trademark word. Have they, has there been...I'm sensing maybe this might be a little bit of unpleasant... 

L: Let me tell you about the corporate America bedazzling industry. 

J: Yeah, yeah! This is the meat and bones of our interview. 

L: These are the bones. They don't know who is really selling these products. People from a reality show, from like four years ago. She's not selling these things like I am. I am in the streets. 

J: You are!  

L: Sellin' the blank out of 'em! However, I wouldn't even wanna sell them anyway. I'd want to support puffy paint being stuck on the back, or hot glue gun. I'd like to contact the... Hot glue gun industry please contact me, my number is [....]. 

J: Okay well I'm glad. I wanted a bit of that political tension. And I'm... 

L: You got it! You really raised my temperature drawer!  


J: Okay, well how 'bout a happy thought here. If you were tomorrow taken to a desert island, what crafts supplies would you bring with you? 

L: ... 

J: It must have crossed your mind. 

L: I would bring a square box. I would bring my TV, that, I would use it as a floating device and when it got rainy I would shield it like a tent. I would probably also bring... 

J: Maybe puffy paint?  

L: Nope! I wouldn't bring puffy paint. 

J: I would think puffy paint would be float-y. 

L: No I would bring pony beads. Because I would be making ropes from twine and I  could make friendship bracelets, necklaces, and I could probably make...uhh hair ties.  

J: That would be good, you could maybe get into hair braiding if there's other people come visit you on the desert island.  

L:  Maybe it's time, maybe when I'm on that island I will learn to french braid, finally mother! 

J: So what is next for you Leslie? 

L: Well, if all works well, then my next plan will probably be...let's see here, putting my name on a bunch of products and selling it at TJ Maxx. Do you have that? 

J: No.

L: Let me ref...let me change the name so this region can understand what I'm saying. I will put my name, I'll probably do like a perfume line. 

J: Nice.

L: Or, like fragrances.  

J: It would be like a, a bodywash? 

L: Yeah, maybe a bodywash collection. I'd have um, grit in there. And that way you could exfoliate the residue...And it would probably smell like honey moons, or Kate Winslet.  

J: Nice, nice. 

L: You, don'tcha think she'd smell good? 

J: Yeah totally! I think so for sure I've always thought that actually. 

L: Oh absolutely, she just looks like she reeks... 

J: Of goodness. 

L: Yeah, touchés. 

J: Is there anything you'd like to add?  

L: Um i'd like to thank you for having me on this radio station. 

J: Thank you! 

L: That is internet!  

J: That's right, it's internet AND AM. 

L: Oooh! 

J: Internet and AM! 

L: That's double trouble.  Yeah I really hope that the people reading this want to learn more! And go to my website, and maybe pick up my jams. I will ship international and not charge you that much! Even though it takes a while. Does that really torque Canadians off? 

J: No because we have grown accustomed to it, and like a good Canadian, we are used to have to put up with that kind of... 

L: And I want to apologize , because I like [Canadians], all the times I've made fun of Canadians for going “Soourreeeey!” and um and I just wanted to apologize. And you know what, also because I think you guys have come up with some really good inventions – ketchup chips, Bla...Green olives at Subway, Um...putting crowns on street signs. Having your cross-walks, the guy look like he's really enjoying a nice brisk walk. 

J: [laughing] It's true. 

L: Um, also I really appreciate...what else is good here, I can't think of anything else... Yeah I was going to say that it's cool that you guys live up here because it's so wintery, but we have it all in America, so come pick it up!  

J: Have you had any maple syrup yet?  

L: No, but I really hope to tap into a tree and get some.  

J: Yeah, that's the way to do it. That's the real deal. Sugar shack style. [laughing] You liked that didn't you? 

L: Yes! I'm speech-lied! You know when I see people from Japan in America I think “I hope you flew over here with a bunch of Hello Kitty products and electronics because they have something so much different over there. I hope when you Canadians visit America you bring over like weird bizarre things that you can't get down there. Because it's kind of like a waste if you don't. 

J: Yeah, I agree. Wholeheartedly. 

L: Because people will buy it down there. I love it when your packaging has french talk on one side of it. We don't have it down there! 

J: That's the law.  

L: [laughing] You serious?  

J: [laughing] Oh, yes!  

L: That's a law? Um...FYI sweet move that your Snickers bars say “Believe” on them!  

J: Oh, that's Olympic! 

L: Ours just say “Snickers”, so even that's cool. 

J: That's Olympic pride right there, on our Snickers bars. 

L: What a community! Go and believe! 

J: Yeah! 

L: Wow. 

J: That's Canada right there! In two words. 

L: Go believe! 

J: Yeah, go believe! 

L: Um, do you guys hate Obama still? 

J: Umm... 

L: Or you like Obama? 

J: I'm...indifferent. How do you feel about Obama? Are we about to talk politics?  

L: Oh, I just didn't know! 

J: I'm... 

L: I know you guys have opinions... 

J: Yeah, I think my opinions are a bit different than your general Canadian's opinions. How do you feel about Obama? 

L: I don't...I have a tote bag with his face on it. 

J: That's fun. 

L: Yeah... 

J: I remember seeing in New York, ah.. Glasses that said “Vote Obama”.   

L: Yes, yes. 

J: Sunglasses.  

L: Passionate. Now those sunglasses have been crushed and remade into plastic bags. Recycling. We're trying to get recycling down there. Are you guys into that at all? 

J: We are, we're Canada. Canada recycles. 

L: That's cool, that's cool.  

J: Ummm...

L: Hey what's the deal with those shacks on the interstate where those ladies sell candies out of a hut?

That is a... 

J: I think it's a... dealing with the downturn of the economy.  

L: That is an invention. She's actually selling good snacks too!  

J: Dill pickle chips? Ketchup Chips? 

L: Yeah, ketchup chips. And other stuff that was just like... “this is available!” It was shockingly inspiring!  

J: Where are you off to after this? 

L: After this we will be heading south and then west and then north again. 

J: Back to Canada? 

L: No no. 

J: This is your last Canadian stop? Well let's make it a good one!  

L: Yes, let us...If you're reading this now I just want you to know you just missed the best show, ever!  

J: Yes, it's true. I can vouch for that. But coming up, oh little mini claps [clapping] And we also are quite fond of Water Water Waterworld.  

L: [laughing] I knew it would be appreciated somewhere and Canada is in the country. 

J: Canada gets it! 

L: Canada gets it! Dangit!