Worst Case Scenario for the Gulf Spill - New Media and Politics

I try to avoid anything I can't verify with multiple sources here at the blog. Even when I can find them, if what I'm reading is out there (alarmist) I'll take my time before posting it, knowing that the blogosphere will always be ahead of the MSM.


For the last month I've been tripping across information about the worst case scenario for the spew in the Gulf of Mexico, as if 60,000 barrels pouring in daily weren't bad enough, and been waiting to confirm it. There's no point to my freaking out, right?


So this weekend the MSM stays roughly even with the blogosphere on the oil spew story and report on a document, that somehow got leaked, and reveal BP is worried that the gusher in the Gulf (BP hates it when you call it that) could leak or be leaking as many as 100,000 barrels a day - 4 million gallons or the equivalent of a spill the equivalent of the Exxon Valdez every 3 days. Problem is that's not the worst case scenario I've been reading about. The worst case involves the integrity of the hole itself collapsing and oil gushing into the Gulf at the rate of 150,000 barrels a day. Trust BP to low ball the figures one more time!

The emotional and psychological toll the Exxon Valdez spill took on the residents of the Alaska coastline has been chronicled in some detail, and the same things are expected to occur to Gulf residents but on a much larger scale.

I guess you'll be shocked to read that BP were told of a s safety fault weeks before the explosion.

This makes me smile, kinda'. While the right-wing media, including Limbaugh, double down on the idiocy of Barton's apology to BP and the use of words like "shakedown," to describe the $20 billion escrow account Obama got BP to fund,  Haley Barbour (Gov. R-Miss.) admits it was a smart idea.