Beats From the East Welcomes JUNE MILLINGTON (from Fanny)

She is a Rock'n'Roll legend, pioneer, singer/songwriter/lead guitarist, and founding-member of FANNY (the first all-female rock band signed to a major record label and achieve critical and commercial success, including two Billboard Hot 100 top 40 hits)... She is JUNE MILLINGTON!

The Golden Ticket Awards For 2021

At The Movies is proud to present The Golden Ticket Awards For 2021. Celebrating the best of the best of cinema and performances, the nominations will be announced this Wednesday, February 3, 2021.  In musical comedy and specialty we see some surprises with a few musicals and documentaries getting nominated.

CJLO's Top 100 of 2020

2020 may be in our rear-view mirror, who says we can't look back and reminisce on the dumpster fire that was 2020. A year filled with natural disasters, a global pandemic, and political mobilization.

Despite all the odds, CJLO has been able to thrive in 2020 by maintaining and introducing new programming. Music is at the heart of CJLO as we explore and highlight artists of all styles. This year will be a little different, as we provide a few comments on the top 10 albums of 2020!

Thanks again to Andrew, our Metal Music Director and an extremely patient human being for compiling this list for us!

1. Nap Eyes - Snapshot of a Beginner

DJ Spotlight


Hi I'm Ryan aka DJ Slurp and I co-host Mouse Party every Wednesday [3PM].

Every week we play anything from pop punk to postpunk and we try to feature as much new and local music as we can. It's a good time laugh


I'm a 63 old very pissed off hippie (unicorn), who never once voted for the tax cutters and the heartless assholes that have spent the last 40 years destroying the social safety net. My show highlights corporate media lies, spin, bullshit, malfeasance, whoring, and other crimes against humanity. And I play great jazz in between segments. Listen to Your Media Sucks every Monday at 8AM.


For this week's DJ Spotlight, get to know the people behind The Garage and The Rest Of Us!



For this week's DJ Spotlight, get to know the people behind Be-Pop-A-Lula and Hidden Gems!



For this week's DJ Spotlight, get to know the people behind The Limelight and Gospel Unlimited!


For this week's DJ Spotlight, get to know the people behind Members Only. Check it out every Wednesday night at 9PM.


We play the best new tunes from around the world alongside the best up-and-coming local artists, with a wee sprinkling of classic cuts from music's pioneers.
Don't miss our regular live at 5:16 segment where local or touring bands perform a live set for you!!
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Alliteration Apocalypse: Metal March Begins at CJLO

Another March, and you know what that means... No? Oh, well, it means it's time once again for CJLO's Metal March, a celebration of all things loud. From punk to noise to black metal, we try to highlight it all until during this celebratory period.

This is our fifth year and boy do we have some pretty nifty things for you.


Bonjour hi! I’m Clara, a visual journalism graduate diploma student at Concordia. I’m French, but did my bachelor’s degree at McGill and fell in love with Montreal, so after a 3-year hiatus, I am back for (hopefully) ever! My show is Never Techno for an Answer (sorry pun haters) – every Tuesday at 1PM, I take you on a journey to discover the latest music by international and local techno/trance/house DJs (with the occasional older song that I’m currently vibing with). If you ever come to CJLO while my show’s on, you’ll probably see me dancing in my seat ‘cause the beats are so good!


My name is Danny Aubry, I co-host the radio show At the Movies for CJLO. On our show me and my co-host Remi Caron critique films, old and new.