Montreal International Black Film Festival

Celebrate Black filmmakers at Montreal’s International Black Film Festival! The festival will be taking place from September 24 to September 29. For the full schedule, check out the MIBFF site and take a look at their special events.

Look out for content on MIBFF on the CJLO site. 

Talking the United Nations Associated Films Festival with Host Grace Byrne

This Saturday, September, 21st, Yellow Pad Sessions will be hosting the United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF), titled Images & Nations at The Mccord Museum. This festival aims to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The festival was conceived in 1998 by Film Critic and Educator Jasmine Bojic. The documentary films screened are from international film makers covering such issues as human rights, environmental themes, women’s Issues, refugee protection, homelessness, racism, universal education, war and peace.

Fantasia 2019: Week 3 Review

In the final week of the 23rd edition of the Fantasia Film Festival, I had to narrow down my viewings. There was only so much time on my day off to get in as many films as possible. Unfortunately, I did not hit my record of viewings compared to other years, but I am very happy with the films I chose to focus on. Both the Cinema Lucida and Documentaries From the Edge provide the festival with some great programming.

Fantasia 2019: Week 2 Review

For the second week of the Fantasia Film Festival, I was hoping to catch up with some film screenings on my only day of the week that I had off work.

Fantasia 2019: Week 1 Review

The 23rd edition of the Fantasia Film Festival has taken over Concordia University's downtown campus until August 1st. Defining itself as a premiere genre film festival, there is truly something for everyone. When I attend Fantasia, I always create a master list of all the films that I want to see. This year it took close to two hours to create, as the festival's list of films stretches more than 130 titles from all across the globe. I tend to gravitate towards the films in Documentaries From the Edge and Camera Lucida. There is a method to the madness in making a master list - doing so allows me to track my free days with the screenings of the day.

Amazing Grace: The Spiritual Musical

Letterboxd Review “Sends You on a Spiritual Musical High” 

    Amazing Grace is a gospel hymn that is as iconic as the American national anthem. It is also the title of a live album that Aretha Franklin recorded in Los Angeles, January of 1972. As well as being the best selling album for Franklin, it is the highest selling gospel album of all time. Originally Warner Brothers created a documentary film, directed by Sydney Pollack. It was Constructed as footage of the recording album set to be released in 1972, but it was later shelved. This lost footage is now finished in this documentary from director Alan Elliot and Editor Jeff Buchanan. Pollack is credited as a director for this documentary. 

John Wick : Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Our favourite dog-loving assassin is hitting the big screen once again with more fights, more blood and even more dogs. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum is the third installment in the John Wick series starring Keanu Reeves, Ian McShane, Halle Berry, Laurence Fishburne and Mark Dacascos

Film Review : Long Shot

Long Shot: Good for a few laughs 

Letterboxed Review “Long Live Stick Man”

    If you have ever seen a Seth Rogen comedy, you already know the formula. Rogen plays a loveable goofball along side a leading lady. You would never see them being relationship material. There is a situation in the film that normally involves the characters of Rogan learning to grow and become an adult. Along the way, you get the Off-colour adult humour that you come to associate with his films: the one that leaves the audience members in side splits or groaning. So, the stage is already set for Long Shot from director Jonathan Levine. Starring opposite Rogen’s goofiness, Charlize Theron balances the film with her strong presence.

The Movies Review on Location : Climax

In this episode of At The Movies Review on Location, Remi heads to the dance floor to review Climax from director  Gaspar Noé. 


Golden Ticket Awards 2019

At The Movies is proud to present The Golden Ticket Awards For 2019. Celebrating the best of the best of cinema and performances the nominations will be announced this Tuesday, January 30th, 2019. In the drama category this year things have changed with Horror and thrillers now being positioned in this category due to the strong dramatic elements and performances. In musical comedy and specialty we see some surprises with some dramatic performances in this category, however, due to the films dual natures of being a musical and or comedy are the reasons we have put them in — the best of luck to all the nominees.

Image + Nation: Mapplethorpe

To kick off its ciné-création section, the LGBTQ film festival of Montreal presented the new biopic Mapplethorpe, shining a light on the photographer’s rise to fame last Friday December 1st, at L’impérial.  It also marked the first collaboration between the MAC and Image+Nation.

Although the movie’s intentions are very noble, it miserably fails to achieve anything, with the exception of a good performance by leading actor Matt Smith in the role of Robert Mapplethorpe. Odi Timoner’s first feature film has some interesting aspects, but mostly fails to live up to the public’s expectations.

Image+Nation: Postcards From London

25 years after Postcards from America, director Steve McLean brings queer cinema further with his new film tackling the relationship between male prostitution and art. Postcards from London was shown at L'Impérial Thursday November 30th for the LGBTQ film festival Image+Nation.

Film Review : 24 Frames


Montreal is welcoming the latest addition to it’s cinema family, Cinema Moderne: located in Mile End, and born just this year on September 17th 2018. When walking through its doors, there is an irrepressible feeling of a dream coming into reality. The cinema is comprised of a 50+ seat theatre with a bistro and bar, with promises of many cultural events to come. The cinema’s mission is inclusive and innovative, with an aim to incorporate series into their programming featuring directors from indigenous populations, women and local artists.