Paloma Dawkins


Through the past couple of years, I've had the pleaure of meeting some inspiring creative people that I almost instantly click with. Paloma Dawkins is a bright, positive bouncing ball of a human being. She agreed to speak with me about her current projects and interests.

So, as an artist do you need a particular space to focus in on your ideas and start working?

View From The Venu - Pissed Jeans


View from the Venue interviewed Matt Korvette from Pissed Jeans during their tour stop at Il Motore in Montreal. We talk about the benefits of having a band as a hobby instead of a full time job, preventing sexism in the punk scene, and their album Honeys. Check out more from Pissed Jeans on the Sub Pop website.


BVST Meets Kvelertak: Interview with Guitarist Vidar Landa

[This is a transcription of an audio interview. To listen to the recording, please scroll to the bottom of the interview.]

View from the Venue - The Creepshow

View from the Venue sat down with two members of The Creepshow for a quick Q&A session. The Reverend McGinty and new singer/guitarist Kenda talk tour injuries, their touring plans for 2013 and putting together a new album. They also talk about the entire band joining Montreal ska band The Fundamentals (shh, don't tell them, it's a surprise).

View From the Venue - Title Fight

View from the Venue caught up with Ned and Jamie from Title Fight at La Sala Rossa. The guys talk about the importance of being a relatable band, touring plans for 2013, and of course their latest full length album, Floral Green

AJ Korkidakis & Lessons Learned

LESSONS LEARNED. Sam and Charlie are two friends who, after being apart for many years, meet again at an old teacher's funeral. They are soon guilt-stricken as they reminisce about the childish pranks they pulled on their teachers years ago. Revelations–and regrets–quickly ensue when they decide to go apologize to another former teacher.

Q&A << Richard "Bugs" Burnett

Q&A by Abby Schachter, freelance journalist and host of The Reaktor (Fridays at 2 PM EST on CJLO). Follow Abby on Tumblr.

Q&A with Nox Cadaver of Dead Relics

Abby from CJLO's The Reaktor (Fridays 2-4 pm) chats with Christina Vincelli, also known as Nox Cadaver, owner and founder of Dead Relics vintage clothing.

Dead Relics Soundtrack!