Voted Station of the Year at the 2010 CMJ College Radio Awards, CJLO's airwaves are the perfect place for any business looking to reach a targeted niche audience or a core student demographic. Our advertising rates are very affordable and because we limit our ad breaks to two minutes, your message won't get lost in a sea of other advertisements.

CJLO reaches an audience within the entire island of Montreal as well as its surroundings (over 3.75 million people), and a core audience of 44,000 Concordia Students. Our listening demographic is primarily 18-30 years old and our programming is niche focused offering specific genres of music and subject matter that reaches a very targeted audience.

Our website boasts an average of over 5,600 visits and 18,500 page views monthly, with readership continuously increasing. Visitors include not only students from Concordia University but music lovers from all over the world.

There are many ways that CJLO can help your business or organization:

  • Targeted on air advertising campaigns produced by you or written by our talented copy writers and produced by us at an affordable rate.
  • Show sponsorships with our hosts announcing your business as being a core sponsor on air throughout the broadcast.
  • Live broadcasts on location from your business or event.
  • Banner ads for your business on our website.
  • Event sponsorship and cross promotion with CJLO and your organization.

Note that all of our advertising packages are flexible and scalable and we offer discounts on certain items with the purchase of others. For example, with the purchase of a "Guaranteed Hit 30," advertisements can be spread out every two hours for 2 months for the same price or get one week of banner ads free with the purchase of a package!

If it's your first time advertising with CJLO, you will receive a 10% discount on your first advertising package.

If you are interested in learning more about what we can do for you, please contact us at

Advertising & Sponsorship Price List

Advertise On-Air: Standard Rate

  • One 30-second spot - $10
  • Scalable in even increments (15, 30, 45, 60 seconds)
  • Standard play schedules allow for 16 plays per day (8am-12am)

Advertise On-Air: Packages (Assumes a 30 second spot, scalable as above)

  • Five times a day for one week - $350.00
  • Eight times a day for one week - $560.00
  • Five times a day for two weeks - $700.00
  • Eight times a day for two weeks - $1120.00

Special Packages

  • Guaranteed Hit 30: Once per hour for 30 days (480 plays @ $9 per play) - $4320.00
  • Guaranteed Hit 14: Once per hour for 14 days (224 plays @ $9.50 per play) - $2128.00
  • Guaranteed Hit 7: Once per hour for 7 days (112 plays @ $9.60 per play) - $1075.20

Show Sponsorship

Example: "Game Radio has been brought to you by [your company]"

  • One hour show for $20 (two mentions)
  • Two hour show for $40 (four mentions)

Contracts are also available for a full semester sponsorship (13 weeks).

  • One hour show - $240.00
  • Two hour show - $500.00

Live Broadcast

Example: "CJLO is live at [your business], come on down for the biggest discounts in [your product]"

  • $275 per day broadcasting fee with $15 per mention of your business or sponsors on air

Website Banner Ads

  • Sizes available: 728 x 90 or 215 x 150
  • $600 per month or $175 weekly per banner
  • Website sponsorship special: $1000 per month and $300 weekly including the placement of one banner per size on the bottom and right side of each page on the site

Community Calendar

CJLO airs a community calendar every two hours. The calendar includes community events, calls for volunteers, fundraisers and information about not-for-profits.
*For event advertising and sponsorship please be sure to be in touch at least two weeks before your event to allow time for ad production and air time.

*Note that advertising and event sponsorship is FREE for Concordia University clubs and associations.

Event Sponsorship & Cross Promotion

CJLO can offer advertising time and web visibility for your event in exchange for CJLO visibility on your flyers, posters and promotional materials as well as banner placement at your event. There is a $50 administration fee for event sponsorship and the standard trade is five ad rotations per day for one week in exchange for CJLO logo placement on promotion materials and/or website and banner placement at the event when applicable (value $350).

CJLO can also offer DJ services for a nominal fee depending on the event, location, time and DJ requested. For more information please contact us.

If you have an event that you believe CJLO should be a part of email a brief proposal to that includes all of the W5's along with expected attendance.

To put our logo on your event promotional materials please send a proof of the materials to for approval.