The P. K. Subban trade is good for the Montreal Canadiens!

Sure, I liked P. K. but...

I was asked to write an article about the draft held in Buffalo last Friday, which ultimately was overshadowed by the Subban trade rumours (thanks George Laraques and 91.9 Sport). The trade never materialised then, which in retrospect I think is a good thing.

The rumours had the Oilers offering Leon Draisaitl and the fourth pick overall, French superstar-to-be Pierre-Luc Dubois. I don't think that was enough, and clearly neither did Marc Bergevin. From what I have heard, The Habs management were asking for Draisaitl, Hall or RHD, Oscar Klefbom and the number four pick. The deal didn't go through and Dubois to everyone's surprise went third to Columbus and Edmonton drafted highly coveted finish prospect Jesse Puljujärvi. Edmonton was so surprised they didn't even have a jersey ready with Jesse Puljujärvi's name on it.

So why is the P. K. Subban trade a good thing for the Montreal Canadiens? SHEA WEBER IS A MONSTER!! The guy scores 20 a year, puts up 50 points, lays down the hard hits, and is not afraid to drop the gloves! What's with all the backlash? Sure, I liked P. K., but Shea Weber is Team Canada's number one defenceman! Has everyone lost their minds? I think the backlash is mostly from the casual hockey fans. I'm sorry to say this, but your reaction to this trade is why you are the casual hockey fan.

With this move, Marc Bergevin and the Canadiens are clearly going after the Stanley Cup. As of June 29th, the Montreal Canadiens have won this trade. I don't even want to get into the "P. K. wasn't liked in the locker room" stuff we've all heard. If you don't know what I'm talking about, or don't recall the countless times P. K. acted bigger than the team, I will be happy to write another article about it. The fact is, he never accepted not being voted captain last year, and he was pulling in one direction while the rest of the team was pulling in the other. Shea Weber brings a winning pedigree to the Montreal Canadiens. He has earned the respect of his peers; he stabilizes the defence, and brings leadership and skills to a team who clearly needs it.

I think Bergevin needs to add a top-six player and, in a perfect world, trade Tomáš Plekanec for a more dynamic center. With the addition of Andrew Shaw, subtraction of Lars Eller, and now the Subban versus Weber trade, I think les glorieux have acquired experience and leadership. Shaw has two Stanley cups, Weber two gold medals, and the latter will be able to support the leadership of Captain Max Pacioretty and Carey Price in those tough-grinding winter months. Speaking of Carey Price, at 6'4" as nasty as Weber he is, no one will be sliding into Carey this upcoming season.

Honestly, I love watching P. K. Subban and will continue to do so in that horrible mustard yellow Nashville sweater. I remember seeing him in back-to-back games against the Flyers in 2010 and thinking to myself that P. K., at just 20 years old, had more skills than anybody on the current roster. P. K.'s father Karl emigrated from Jamaica in the 1970s and quickly adopted the Canadiens as his favourite team. The school principal would watch every game on television, so when P. K. was drafted forty-third overall in the 2007 NHL draft, he couldn't be happier to realise his childhood dream. Subban devoted his time to local Montreal charities, social events, and he was a great ambassador for our city. However, this trade had to be done.

Do not worry casual hockey fan, the emotions you are feeling today will quickly disappear after a few Shea Weber power play goals and a few hometown wins. Once the Habs start the season 5-0, all will be forgiven. Carey Price is  the heart of the team, not P. K. Subban. Coming from a guy whose cousin won the Stanley Cup with the Canadiens in 1993, you've heard it here first: the Canadians will win the Stanley Cup within the next three years!


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