Radulov has a history of partying hard...

Promises of change were made, local sports media talked about a major shake-up happening, and with that in mind Marc Bergevin, Habs General Manager, sure did not disappoint! After drafting future number one D-man Mikhail Sergachev and trading Lars Eller for gritty forward Andrew Shaw, it happened—P. K. was traded! Fast forward a week later, Marc Bergevin, who is said not to be a fan of July 1st free agency day, signed often troubled KHL winger Alexander Radulov.

I like the signing of Radulov! I like it a lot. His favourite group is Metallica, so that in my book wins points instantaneously, but it is also a one year at 5.75 million, which for the average human is more money than we will ever make, but in the sports world it's a smart gamble. In comparison, Andrew Ladd, a player who is his thirties and clearly has much mileage on the body, was offered 6 years at 5.5 a year. The Islanders will regret this contract in 2 to 3 years, I am telling you. Even the Lucic deal, which in the short term could help bring a cup back to Edmonton since the early '90s, is a bad long-term deal. I could go on and name several bad deals that were signed on July 1st, but I want to concentrate on our team, the Habs. Marc Bergevin finally put his stamp on this team, and while doing so did not put his team in, what was referred to in sports, salary cap hell. Some fans say our GM doesn't make moves and is too cautious, but I think he is just very cap savvy. His predecessor, oh he made moves alright, trades like Ryan McDonough and Chris Higgins for Scott Gomez.

Radulov has a history of partying hard and it is public knowledge that during the 2012 NHL playoffs, when he was playing for the Nashville Predators, he received a one-game suspension from his own team for breaking curfew with former Canadien's fan favourite Andrei Kostitsyn. OK, I admit it, that was somewhat sarcastic and I do not have anything against Kostitsyn even if I did want him out of town quicker than we all did Scott Gomez. He is also remembered for swinging his hockey stick at his coach. I like that! Granted he is not taking a swing at my head, but I do like his intensity! He is known for being a very intense player win or loose. His penalty minutes in the last few years reflect his aggressiveness. Imagine a player like Brendan Gallagher but with the hands of Ovechkin. OK, maybe I am exaggerating a little, but he did register more points than Ovi in the 2014 Olympics, so for casual hockey fans reading my column, don't expect Radu to net 50 next year, OK?

He is a dynamic type of player who is not afraid to get in front of the net, still has good NHL-caliber speed at 30 years old, and has soft hands for playmaking abilities. I think it's safe and fair to expect a 25-goal season from the veteran Russian winger. He has dominated the KHL in the last 4 years playing for CSKA Moscow, winning multiple player of the week titles, MVP titles, and he is ranked second all-time in KHL scoring history. Add that to the fact that Radulov will feel right at home in Montreal, having played his Junior Hockey for the Quebec Ramparts under coach Patrick Roy, who owned and coached the team before making the jump to the Colorado Avalanche. He won the memorial cup defeating Ontario and Western Canada's best teams, all the while finishing with 55 points, a franchise record and second best in the league's history. The guy tied many records that year, even tying Sidney Crosby's point total from the year before and you're going to tell me this guy is not a gamer?

The new look Habs look very strong in my opinion. I would give Bergevin a 10/10 as far as his summer acquisitions are concerned. Many people are already bashing the Alexander Radulov signing without one game played and calling for Bergevin's job as General Manager. Let me say it again: this guy is a gamer. He is all attitude, flash and skills, and makes you quickly forget about a certain player. Besides, I say just take a look at this guy's face and tell me he won't kill it in a Habs uniform!