Our Staff

Michal Langiewicz
Station Manager

Michal's spirit was born in the underground. When he's not at the helm of the ship, Michał's knee-deep in sound design or tinkering with his solo-projects Lady Gregory and Kyoto est Mort. He's also the co-founder of BAD LUNCH (RIP), a creative collective dedicated to fostering the growth of arts and culture in the city. Michal's love for radio began at an early age when he discovered Trent Radio  92.7FM (Peterborough, ON) on the dial. Upon moving to Montreal, he was immediately drawn to to community radio, volunteering at both CKUT 90.3FM and CJLO 1690AM. He believes that the strength of a community can overcome anything. 

Allison O'Reilly
Program Director

Desperate for a change from small town life in the Maritimes, Allison took the train to Montreal and never looked back (eventually stumbling upon CJLO along the way). A lover of all things radio, she was involved with CHMA 106.9 in Sackville, New Brunswick for the duration of her time at Mount Allison University. After studying Broadcast Journalism in Halifax, she jumped from station to station along Nova Scotia’s South Shore, reporting local news. In her spare time, you can find her watching bad television or listening to shoegaze. Don’t ask her why she has a science degree, because she doesn’t know either.

Josh Spencer
Director of Promotions, Sponsorship and Funding

After moving to Montréal in 2010 to study at McGill University (don't hold it against him), Josh quickly fell in love with the city and the local music scene. After graduating in 2014 he founded KickDrum, a local event company, where he collaborated with over 200 local artists in producing and promoting countless events, festivals, and media. Josh looks forward to reaching out further, creating deeper community connections, and promoting CJLO's rad programming!

Maia Pearson 
Volunteer Coordinator  

Born on the flat, rolling prairie of Edmonton, Alberta, Maia moved to Montréal just last year after a brief stint in playwriting to continue her educational journey. Currently studying sociology and political science, she hopes to make a splash in both the arts scene and academic circles. When she’s not working at CJLO or huddled up in the library, you can probably find her listening to hip-hop or scouting out sushi restaurants on Sainte-Catherine.

Jessica Ramirez-Jaschek
Office Assistant

Jessica is currently in her last year at Concordia University, doing a double major in Journalism and Women’s Studies. Her passions revolve around social justice and providing the tools for marginalized groups to have a voice through creative works. When she’s not trying to combat the evils of the world, you can find her indulging in classic horror flicks or walking her cat, Massimo.

Zach Carriere
Head Music Director

Zach Carriere, AKA 'Zakary Slax' is the host of the award-winning Slax Trax and assists in the music direction of CJLO. Uncompromisingly passionate about underground music and its role in providing a site of cultural resistance and innovation, he has also performed throughout the nation as a member of groups such as 'Dead Beat Poet Society' and 'Astral Gunk'. Before coming to CJLO he was co-host of Killer Haze on CHMA 106.9 FM in Sackville NB, and a founding member of the co-op/record label of the same name.

Amrew Weekes
Hip-Hop Music Director

Amrew Weekes aka Lady Oracle. One half of The Limelight, the longest running hip hop show on CJLO. Also a full time DJ which she credits to being at CJLO (she learned to DJ on the turntables at the station and made connections with artists / promoters in the city thanks to her show). Aside from DJing, she like cooking, being in nature, and chilling with good friends and family.

Kelly Belfo
World Music Director

World Music Director since 2003, Kelly Belfo helped build the world music department from the ground up. From CJLO's world music library now overflowing with great music from Montreal and abroad to a stellar Saturday line-up of music from the Caribbean and around the world, it is no wonder that CJLO is highly recognized in the world music scene. CJLO world music department also work closely with Festival International Nuits D'Afrique, Mundial Montreal, and Montreal International Reggae Festival.

Andrew Wieler
Metal Music Director

Andrew, host of Grade A Explosives, is also a music director at CJLO and oversees the Metal section of the station. He enjoys sleeping and usually doesn't want to talk to anyone. Don't be fooled though, he can also chat your ear off about metal, indie-rock, robot uprisings, or industrial music.

Sarah Boumedda
Magazine Editor

In simple terms, Sarah absolutely loves two things: music, and writing. Her passion for music drove her to host her own show, Hallyu Central, bringing the best of K-Pop on CJLO’s airwaves. Sarah is also constantly writing—contributing for The Kraze Magazine on a monthly basis, and penning a few articles for the Concordian when school doesn’t get in the way. You’re welcome to come chat with her about music, or writing, or writing about music—she’ll most likely gladly start up a conversation, and might even get a little too enthusiastic at times… (oops). It all comes from the heart, though.

Elizabeth McLellan
Additional Content Editor

Liz McLellan is currently in the last semester of their Bachelor at McGill in Cultural Studies and World Cinemas. On the side, they are working on various multimedia projects, including poetry, performance, video installation, and jewelry design. Liz started working with CJLO as the assistant content editor for the magazine this fall: drawn to radio through the many friends they have in the business, and sticking around for the good music.

Patrick McDowall
Production Director

Patrick takes care of the production studio, runs live recording sessions with touring and local bands, coordinates the production volunteer team, and hosts Into The Coven. He likes making everyone sound pretty. He likes making music. His favourite food is pizza. He is finishing up a degree in Electroacoustic Studies at Concordia.

Remi Caron
Equipment Manager

Remi Caron has been with CJLO for close to three years hosting At The Movies (With Iconic Sounds), a show that is part movie talk and part playing some of the iconic soundtracks or scores to cinema. In addition he has been CJLO's Equipment Manager for two years. His two favourite directors of all time would be Martin Scorsese and Stanley Kubrick. You can also find Remi in the CJLO vault organizing the various genre sections, which he claims is a Zen experience. His philosophy on life is that you never start off the morning without a good coffee. Also he is open to having discussions about the latest releases in theatres.

Patricia Petit Liang
News Director

Patricia is CJLO's news director and has been volunteering at the station since she was in high school. She is now a Communication Studies student at Concordia University and is the host of CJLO's weirdest talk show: Fatal Attraction. Patricia's hobbies include sound production, making pancakes and squirming with existential dread. You can come say hi to her any time and she'll try to help you out as best as she can! Patricia believes in you and wants you to follow your dreams.

Angelica Calcagnile
Graphic Designer

Whether a cheaply photocopied black & white flyer, or a large fancy poster printed with the finest metallic inks, Angelica believes everything deserves to to be beautiful, and she's been using her professional experience in graphic design, marketing and production to provide the bulk of CJLO's branding and design work since 2001. She also hosts BVST, billed the best (and worst) of rock'n'roll, country, punk and metal, which is the longest continually running show on CJLO.