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CJLO has an awesome team of volunteers and employees here to help you! Whether it's submitting music, recording your band, or discussing sales or promotions opportunities, there is a CJLO exec who can meet your needs. If there's an asterisk beside our hours, please call or email ahead of time to schedule an appointment! Thank you for your understanding.

Name Title Phone Email Office Hours
Michał Langiewicz Station Manager (514) 848-8663 manager "at" Monday - Friday 
9AM - 5PM 
Allison O'Reilly Program Director (514) 848-7472 program "at"

Monday - Friday 
9AM - 5PM 

Josh Spencer Director of Promotions, Sponsorship and Funding (514) 848-7401 promo "at" Monday - Friday 
9AM - 5PM 
Omar Husain Head Music Director (514) 848-7401 md-alt "at" Thursday
4PM - 6PM 
Zacharie Carriere Assistant Music Director  (514) 848-7401 assistant "at"  Tuesday 
2PM - 5PM
Sarah Boumedda Magazine Editor (514) 848-8663 mageditor "at" Wednesday 
1PM - 4PM
Luisa Seidl Volunteer Coordinator (514) 848-8663 volunteer "at"  
Patrick McDowall Production Director (514) 848-7401 product "at"  By Appointment Only
Patricia Petit Liang News Director (514) 848-7401 news "at" Monday, Wednesday 
12PM - 2PM 
Amrew Weekes Hip Hop Music Director (514) 848-7401 md-hiphop "at" Tuesday 
1PM - 4PM
Andrew Wieler Metal Music Director (514) 848-7401

md-metal "at"

6PM - 9PM
Tiana McLaughlan Electronic Music Director  (514) 848-7401 md-rpm "at" Tuesday 
Kelly Belfo World Music Director (514) 848-7401 md-world "at" Monday