Boy Friends Live @ CJLO

Boy Friends dropped by CJLO on May 20, 2015 to take over Champions of the Local Scene for a full hour of radio goodness and a live session in The Oven™.


"We started out twee in twee-thwousand-and-tweelve, now we play something between post-punk and math rock (for people who are only interested in math when it's being described abstractly by such as Carl Sagan) and we sleep like babies about it. We're dorks, and at least one of us is always fucking nervous as shit (guess who)."


The band just put out their "Finer Points" maxi-single (for which there is a video) available on cassette through Moon Boy Records and they're in the finishing stages of their debut album, Magnet School, to be released somehow this summer.


Recorded on: 
May 20 2015
Aired on: 
Champions Of The Local Scene
Engineered by: 
Patrick McDowall
Mixed by: 
Patrick McDowall (Mastered with