By Divine Right Live @ CJLO

*By Divine Right is currently celebrating their 25th Anniversary as a band! You can get a taste of their wealth of tunes over at their bandcamp site. Happy Birthday from CJLO Montreal!*

Denis from Dirty Work writes a love letter to the Toronto indie rock legends:

"By Divine RIght was synonymous with a time in my 90s youth where I was learning to jam with friends and going to university on very little sleep. Fast forward to when they visited the CJLO Oven, pouring out of a long white van - hot, sleep deprived and in need of a shower.  It was a sticky late summer day and despite looking worn, they were all smiles.  Their current lineup, Jose Contreras (guitar & vocals), Alysha Haugen (bass & vocals) and Geordie Dynes (drums), played a selection of tracks from their 2013 release Organized Accidents (released on Hand Drawn Dracula) and were good enough to stick around for an engaging interview.

After spending a few hours in The Oven on that hot day, we let them all take showers and relax before they went onto their gig that night.  After the show we had a sleepover, told some jokes and watched TV until the wee hours while 90s me seethed with jealousy."



Recorded on: 
August 30 2013
Aired on: 
Dirty Work
Engineered by: 
Omar Husain
Mixed by: 
Patrick McDowall
Videography by: 
Omar Husain