Cadeaux Live @ CJLO

Vancouver spazzy poppy post-punk quintet Cadeaux breezed into the CJLO studios April 22, 2005.  Awesome kids, we taught ‘em some French, discussed New Wave Cola, and marveled at the “Woot!” sign on the back of their van, courtesy of Devon.  Katie also taught us the meaning of “Degrassi Hi-Five”.  Awwww, these kids were swell, we miss ‘em already…

After the session I headed home to catch some Z’s before the show…next thing I know, I wake up at 2am, well after the show.  Sigh.  Sorry, Cadeaux, I’m a fool.  Someone who’s not a fool would be Mr. Paul Brown of the Go Go Radio Magic Show who managed to catch their show and was so impressed that he even drove out to Ottawa to catch them there the very next day.  See, at CJLO we’re a dedicated bunch…

Cadeaux's fantastic debut album “Physical City” ended up reaching #1 on CJLO's top 30, holding the peak for two weeks.



Recorded on: 
April 22 2005