Catlow Live @ CJLO

Ex-Dirtmitts frontwoman, Natasha Thirsk brought her new tunes to CJLO September 30, 2005.  Working under the name Catlow and featuring Brent and Kevin of the Salteens backing her up, Natasha was in town for the Boompa Records Pop Montreal showcase, continuing our streak of locking down practically every Boompa band for a CJLO session.

Along with the Small Sins session, the Catlow session was one of the quickest sessions ever organized.  We got in contact with Scott from Boompa that morning, who in turn passed our number to Kevin, who called us and then we set up the time, and voila.  Howver, this is where things go wrong...

After Small Sins finished their set, for some reason the mixing board and headphone PA decided to stop working.  Needless to say, playing without any sort of monitors or headphone setup is pretty darn difficult.  The Catlow kids persevered and managed to peform everything pretty much spot on, BUT the mixing board was gaining things way too high in the mix, unknown to us since the recording levels appeared normal (grr).  End result?  The whole session was a totally wash (our staff engineer came in the following morning and basically re-wired everything again to get it back working).  Luckily, we DID manage to salvage one track, and it’s a nice version of “Ocean, Space, Sand” that Natasha performed solo.

 Stupid technical difficulties…*shakes fist*



Recorded on: 
September 30 2005
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics
Engineered by: 
Omar Husain
Mixed by: 
Omar Husain