controller.controller Live @ CJLO

Toronto’s death disco post punk quintet controller.controller rolled into the CJLO studios on a dark Saturday evening, October 30, 2004, to record 4 songs for Hooked on Sonics.  One of the easiest sessions we ever had to record, they came in, set up, and ran through all four songs in no time, with no extra takes.  We found out afterwards that they had forgone a soundcheck for their show later that night in order to do the session, something they got in a lot of trouble for - we only loved them more for this after that, hahah.  

During the session, performing completely in the dark with just their small red lights were on -you can see this by how poorly the pictures and video turned out), the set was a like our own private concert.  The kicker though was out of the four songs they performed, three of them were brand new at the time (they would end up on their full length debut, X-Amounts, which was released almost exactly a year following this session recording), which thus started what we here at CJLO like to call "the controller.controller challenge".  After this, everytime a new band would to the station, our program director at the time, Alex, would sidle up to the bands in studio and say, "So...y'know, controller.controller performed practically ALL new songs when they came to CJLO..." in an attempt to coax new material, or some sort of exclusive out of them.  Haha, we still continue this tradition...

Hi-fives to controller.controller for setting the bar.  We miss you guys!



Recorded on: 
October 30 2004
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics
Engineered by: 
Emilie Christiansen + Alex Rabot
Mixed by: 
Omar Husain
Videography by: 
Omar Husain