Derelict Live @ CJLO

After burning up the CJLO metal charts for a while with their 2009 release Unspoken Words, we invited Montreal metal act Derelict into the CJLO studios one quiet April morning to unleash their brand of death metal upon our listening audience. Being the super nice guys that they are, they loaded in effortlessly as Andrew and I set about putting together mics and figuring out logistics.

Andrew and I had a lot of fun untangling wires and generally just joking around with the band as we set up. After an hour of mic placement tests we were good to go and with singer Eric in the Production Control Room and the rest of the band thrashing it out in the studio live, Eric communicating with the rest of the guys via mics and awkward through-the-window waves.

The quintet ran through their three-song set once and then redid "Surrounded By Decline" because of a few "technical issues" (read: minor flubs that a listener like me couldn't necessarily pick up on) and they wrapped it up with some hilarious station IDs. Being the consummate professionals they are, they quickly packed up and loaded out into the sunny afternoon.


Recorded on: 
April 16 2010
Aired on: 
Countdown To Armageddon
Engineered by: 
Brian Hastie + Andrew Wieler
Mixed by: 
Brian Hastie