Engine Down Live @ CJLO

Richmond, VA’s Engine Down dropped by château CJLO July 31, 2004, a Saturday morning, at 10am…no joke.  That’s dedication, people.  Funny story, this was the first sorta promotional thing Lookout! Records ever did with the band (it was a couple months before their new album, their first for Lookout! was to be released). Our pal Erin over at Lookout! (sidenote: she's also part of the awesome Bratmobile) managed to just catch them before they crossed the border into Canada, where their cellphones woulda went out. Talk about nick o' time.

 All around awesome guys, they basically hung around the station the whole day and then hit the cheap-o pizza place across from the Loyola Campus later that afternoon.  These guys may write some moody music, but they're actually a hilarious group o' hombres.  Sadly, the equipment they used in this session was stolen from them a few nights down the road in Texas.  Our CJLO bounty hunters are still searching for the culprits.

 Oh yeah…and watching Keeley back their van with their equipment trailer into a tight spot on campus to unload their gear was nothing short of magical…dude’s a scientist, yo.



Recorded on: 
July 31 2004
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics
Engineered by: 
Emilie Christiansen + Jon Desjardins
Mixed by: 
D. Brickey