Fear Before the March of Flames Live @ CJLO

This session was recorded for an old CJLO show, The Kids Are So-So, so to give us a little blurb on the session, here's the show's ex-host, Josh Mocle:

"On a rainy March afternoon in 2007, Colorado's Fear Before the March of Flames made their way into the CJLO studio for one of the loudest sessions in CJLO's history. The energetic spastic-metalcore five-piece  had just released The Always Open Mouth just a few months earlier on Equal Vision Records. After a few false starts, they ripped into two cuts off that record ("Mouth" and "High as a Horse") before ltreating us to a previously unreleased Mouth B-Side, and concluding with the fan favorite and CJLO requested track "Drowning the Old Hag." The session was formally debuted on air a few weeks later on both The Kids Are So-So and Hooked on Sonics, with cuts from it reappearing on the CJLO airwaves sporadically after that.

The following summer, Fear Before released A Little Less Teeth, an exclusive tour EP featuring three out of the four session tracks and a few other B-Sides and remixes from throughout their career. This would mark the first time the previously untitled B-Side recorded during the session, now called "Epic Song", was formally released. The band then went on to rework the track and include it on their following, self-titled full length a year later...but it will still be a CJLO exclusive."


Recorded on: 
March 26 2007
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics + The Kids Are So-So
Engineered by: 
Marko Jakopanec
Mixed by: 
Marko Jakopanec
Videography by: 
Omar Husain