For The Mathematics Live @ CJLO

Ottawa post hardcore quintet For the Mathematics spent the afternoon at the CJLO studios July 23, 2005 to record 5 songs, 3 of which were brand spankin’ new.  The session took a long time to record, and the reason was that 2/5 of the band didn’t show up…turns out Clayton and James, who were driving separately (due to their van being out of commission, the guys were traveling in 2 cars), ended up at the right civic number for the station, but on Sherbrooke EAST…not WEST.  For those of you not from Montreal, that’s literally the COMPLETE other end of town.  They weren’t the only band to do this either, and we’ve since solved why this happens.

That aside, once everyone was all safe and sound in the studios, we discussed the merits of deep frying, pressed sandwiches, and stared in awe at their amazing pedals.  Seriously now, talk to Al about deep frying…it’s a science, people.



Recorded on: 
July 23 2005
Engineered by: 
Emilie Christiansen + Brendan O'Flaherty
Mixed by: 
D. Brickey