Fucked Up Live @ CJLO

In town for Pop Montreal in October of 2007, and following an amazing stint on CJLO's charts with their landmark record Hidden World, we managed to get Toronto hardcore band Fucked Up in for a session for Hooked on Sonics and the now dearly departed The Kids Are So-So show.

Emailing back and forth with Mike/10,000 Marbles, he asked if it'd be cool that instead of doing a standard session of a few songs that they play their 18 minute opus "Year of the Pig", telling me that they were actually gonna be in town a couple extra nights, and were going to be playing a secret show which was supposedly going to be the first time they'd perform "Year of the Pig" live in front of an audience.  Needless to say, me and Josh Mocle, ex-host of "The Kids Are So-So" thought this was a neat idea. 

We packed the band along with three extra performers (Jennifer Castle doing her vocal parts, Ben Cook on third guitar who subsequently joined the group full time, and a mysterious gal known only to us as the name she gave us for the credits - Punchclock) into our small studio, considering to even have Damian/Pink Eyes and Jennifer record their vocals either in the control room or our CD Library with headphones.  In the end, we just crammed them all into the studio, and prayed things wouldn't bleed too much (it was very loud).  The only unfortunate result was it was so cramped we couldn't get any pix or video of the session.

Later that evening, the extended group performed a secret show to a packed Zoobizarre house where a lot of smashing-of-things took place (Pink Eyes was preeeeetty bloody by the end of the show...).  It was honestly one of the best shows I've ever seen (Sir Mocle was pretty happy I talked him into getting his sleepy self to the show that night) and VICE Magazine's webTV people were even there to film it.

Knowing that we had something pretty cool on our hands, we aired the session on our shows, and then setup a "CJLO Fucked Up Week" where we aired it on as many like-minded shows there were at CJLO at the time (including current shows like Idle Minds, BVST, and Turn Down the Suck).

The band even had some nice things to say about the session in their blog:

"By the way, if you live in Montreal, or have access to the internet, you can hear the version of "Year of the Pig" we cut at CJLO studios last month before Pop Montreal. It was the first time we ever played the song in its entirety. We didn't even play the song completely while we were recording it, because we did it in two parts, so this session is like the 3rd time of maybe 5 times this song has EVER been played live by humans on this planet. Plus a) we fuck it up in like 3 places b) the engineer put this cool effect on at the end and c) it sounds really cool."

Some person even put it on some bootleg Fucked Up mixtape. How crazy is that??


Recorded on: 
October 6 2007
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics + The Kids Are So-So
Engineered by: 
Omar Husain + Josh Mocle
Mixed by: 
Marko Jakopanec