Gypsy Chief Goliath Live @ CJLO

Canada's Gypsy Chief Goliath made quite a splash at CJLO when they released their album New Machines of the Night last November. Fronted by Al Yeti Bones, from such groups as The Mighty Nimbus and Georgian Skull, the group is able to combine classic rock riffs played by Gypsy Dave along with some sweet harmonica from the Rev Brodie Stevenson. When we heard that they'd be coming through town in June of 2014 with Trainwreck Architect, we jumped at the chance to have them come in and do a session, and being the fine upstanding gentlemen they are, they agreed. Al even performed with a slightly messed up night from over-exerting himself the night before. So, feel free to enjoy this session and interview with them and if you see them coming by you, be sure not to miss them.

Check them out at:

Twitter: @gypsychiefgoliath


Recorded on: 
June 14 2014
Aired on: 
Grade A Explosives
Engineered by: 
Patrick McDowall
Mixed by: 
Patrick McDowall