Jom Comyn Live @ CJLO

Jom Comyn stopped by The Oven Studio at CJLO in late October to lay down some tracks for Best of the West.

Jom was born in  Edmonton Alberta, but grew up 30 minutes outside the city in those wide open spaces that the Prairies are famous for.  He started his musical journey at the age of 11 on drums, picking up the guitar around the age of 14.

I asked Jom about his favourite place in Edmonton and this is what he had to say:

"My favourite place, the one place that if it wasn't around, I would really want to leave town, is the Empress Ale House. It's the best bar in the city, the best bar environment, it's quiet, sometimes I'm the youngest person there, and the people who work there are all amazing. When I go to another city, I'm always looking for the closest criteria for an Empress bar, but I never find it."

Spoken like a true storyteller!

Photo credit Jill Stanton


Recorded on: 
October 19 2014
Aired on: 
Best Of The West
Engineered by: 
Patrick McDowall
Mixed by: 
Patrick McDowall