Julie Doiron Live @ CJLO

Julie Doiron dropped by CJLO to record a staff favourite session for Hooked on Sonics on a packed day of Pop Montreal related session recordings (the Salteens and Run Chico Run were also in that day to record sets).  Louis Rozza, Former CJLO Music Director and former co-host of Hooked on Sonics, interviewed Julie and this is what he had to say about this amazing session:

"Julie Doiron has had a vast career in the Canadian music scene. She played bass for seminal Canadian indie band Eric's Trip, who released numerous EP’s and three albums on Sup Pop. Since they broke up, she has been very prolific. She started her own record label, Sappy Records, organized her own music festival, released many great albums, won a Juno for her album with the Wooden Stars in 2000, continues to tour and make records, and on occasion reunites with Eric's Trip for one off gigs.

"I remember the first time I met Julie Doiron, it was a year or two before the CJLO session. I was walking down St. Catherine and heard a voice down the street. From far it looked like any ordinary busker, however as I got closer I realized it was Julie Doiron. As people passed by, some stopping to give some change, I stood and listened as she played her guitar. Once done I introduced myself and told her I was a big fan and we got into a great conversation on how hard it is to make a living in the music industry.  Even though Julie had won a Juno award for her album with the Wooden Stars and had toured the world, the critical success of that album and other albums she’d released did not necessarily translate into an abundance of monetary success. She explained that she was now living in Montreal and sometimes busked on the street. Even though the extra money helps, she said she could live without it, and mostly she did it to test out new material, and vocal ideas.

"The day Julie Doiron came to CJLO to perform a live session she was full of banter, really up-beat, and engaged in her music and in conversation. She played some great songs in our intimate studio setting. Have a listen to this session, and enjoy a glimpse into one of Canada’s premiere indie artists."

As an aside, Julie made it a point to tell the session engineer to not put "any reverb or effects on anything".  In the end, this is truly one of the most starkly beautiful sessions ever recorded at CJLO and is a personal favourite of mine. The version of "Gone, Gone" is phenomenal here.


Recorded on: 
September 30 2004
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics
Engineered by: 
Emilie Christiansen
Mixed by: 
Emilie Christiansen