Magneta Lane Live @ CJLO

Along with Uncut, Toronto power trio Magneta Lane also gets the title of being the "First Band to Ever Come on Time" to CJLO when they visited CJLO to record a session and interview for Hooked on Sonics.

Soooo…while everyone was setting up, we made coffee for the Uncut and Magneta Lane while they waited.  Left with no cups at the station, we went to the nearby cafeteria/study area (the Guadagni Lounge) and I managed to sweet-talk the attendants into giving us a few styrofoam cups (seriously, people, you’re gonna charge for empty paper cups???).  Then, we had realized we had no cream.  Not really down with the Coffeemate dairy substitute we usually use at CJLO, Magneta Lane guitarist/vocalist Lexi, Robot (aka then-Program Director Alex) and I went to back to the Guadagni Lounge where we were to “distract” the attendants while Lexi “borrowed” the carton of cream.  Not really master “borrowers”, we failed the mission.

Lame stories aside, the Magnetas were some of the nicest people to ever pay visit to CJLO and are crazy tight musicians (we still don’t understand how Nadia is able to drum with a blazer on…crazy and stylish). When faced with Mr. Robot's patented "controller.controller challenge", we got two brand new tunes from Magneta Lane: “Twenty-Two” and “The Artistic Condition”, both of which ended up on their full length debut, Dancing with Daggers.



Recorded on: 
December 12 2004
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics
Engineered by: 
Marko Jakopanec
Mixed by: 
Omar Husain