Scrappy San Francisco post-punk duo Moggs paid a visit to the SONiCs show September 6, 2005, and became the first band to ever perform live-to-air on our show.  In town for a CJLO sponsored performance, part of our old “Upstairs is Underground” nights at (the now departed) Le Swimming.

A rad duo, Sir Plus and Miss Minor were nice and patient with us while our Program Director became defacto session engineer after our main engineer had to cancel at the last minute.  All in all, the session went off without a hitch and the duo joined me in the broadcast studio for what was a really funny interview.  We bonded over Santa Cruz Organic Sodas, straight outta Chico, California!   Moggs were even gonna play Chico!

The sad thing is, later on in the show, the DJ PC crashed, erasing the interview…sigh.  Well, at least we got the awesome five song set they did for your listening enjoyment…

 *Moggs great titled debut “The White Belt is Not Enough” was a #1 record on the CJLO Top 30.



Recorded on: 
September 6 2005
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics