Murder By Death Live @ CJLO

Uncategorizable band Murder by Death dropped by CJLO studios to record a special acoustic SONiCs Session for us on June 3, 2004, right before playing the CJLO/Blue Skies Turn Black co-sponsored Braid reunion tour, a night now remembered in CJLO history as the “Colossal Failure"© (if you want to know why, contact us). Having the Murder by Death gang come down was definitely the highlight of that night and it was also the first SONiCs sessions we ever did after our return from "extended hiatus" (and, to my knowledge, the second one recorded in the new CJLO recording studio).

Anyhow, they brought in brand new instruments (violin, accordian) and reworked some of their songs for us.  It was truly amazing (check out Sarah playing that violin like a mini cello...awesome!). Afterwards, I gave them a ghetto 10 minute tour of downtown Montreal on the way back to the venue. If you ever see them or their tour manager Will on the road, give 'em a hi-five from CJLO, we love those kids.



Recorded on: 
June 3 2004