North America Live @ CJLO

On June 15th 2012, the dynamic twin duo known as North America blew our minds on With Gay Abandon, when they played live, in studio. Hailing from New York, via the experimental music community of Albuquerque, NM, and then back to New York, Josh and Jesse Hasko have mastered a unique, hard-to-pin-down blend of post dance, post rock, psych rave noise, to Desert-Psych-Disco-Punk.They took twin-speak to a new level, and communicated, instrumentally, through their music in a way that brought chills to our spines. Inspired by the scorching desert landscape, altered states, and the nightmare of post-modern America, North America plays a tactile and hypnotic genre bending sound with chiaroscuro qualities in a world that is their own. Listen in to their live renditions of their "Blown Out" release.


Recorded on: 
June 25 2012
Aired on: 
With Gay Abandon
Engineered by: 
Marco Lucci
Mixed by: 
Marco Lucci + Robbie Pearson