Pattern is Movement Live @ CJLO

Philly poppy math rock indie quartet Pattern is Movement made their way to the CJLO studios on a Sunday afternoon, October 2, 2005, before their show for Pop Montreal.  Funny thing with this session is it was initially supposed to happen in the summer but got botched up by yours truly.  See, I had called back their label to set up the session when lo and behold, I had accidentally marked down the wrong weekend for when I thought they’d be in town.  Turned out, they had already passed through the previous weekend.  Good job.

Then, by fluke, at a lunch party at CMJ, the CJLO contingent ran into the the Pattern is Movement guys and from there, personal email and phone numbers were exchanged so the previous fiasco could be avoided when they’d be returning for Pop Montreal.

Sooooooo, we finally managed to get them in, and it was totally worth it.  The set came out fantastic and we all got to drool over their strobe tuners and Chris’ awesome drumset which has a nice backstory:  When Chris got engaged, he sold his old kit to get the engagement ring.  Then when he got married, his wife bought him the new drumkit as a wedding gift.   “Awww, she’s a keeper, dude” we said.  “Yep,” Chris replied, “she’s a good woman.”

See, on Hooked on Sonics we dig deep, people.

These guys are the bestest…Check out the “action photos”…they really know how to throwdown, hehehehe.



Recorded on: 
October 2 2005
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics