Revocation Live @ CJLO

Fresh off of a co-headlining show with The Last Felony at Underworld the night before, Boston death metal act Revocation rolled into CJLO on Saturday, November 29, 2009, a bright and sunny morning that seriously damaged my sleep-deprived corneas.

Quickly rubbing the sleep away from their eyes and loading in at an alarmingly fast rate, the trio were soon plugged in and ready to be recorded by Dipti and Gabe as I stood and watched band who, despite performing barely 12 hours prior, were still able to muster enough energy to load in, blast through this three-song set and then load back out.

With a show in Ottawa later that evening, the band rock and rolled (as well as growled) their way through the session. They ignored my requests, shrugging them off as co-singer Dave explained that they didn't play certain songs live in such an earnest manner that actually made me feel bad for asking.

Nevertheless, the guys stuck around and were interviewed for a full half-hour about their love of all things death metal-ly as well as how much of a joy and honour it still is to be able to tour and play the music they love. Truly accomodating and great guys.


Recorded on: 
November 28 2009
Aired on: 
Countdown to Armegeddon
Engineered by: 
Gabriel Duceppe + Dipti Narhwal
Mixed by: 
Gabriel Duceppe + Dipti Narhwal