Salteens Live @ CJLO

Trucking in all the way from the west coast, Vancouver, BC’s the Salteens brought their peppy power pop to CJLO  September 30, 2004 in town to headline the CJLO  sponsored Boompa Records showcase at the Pop Montreal music festival.  Unfortunately, the Salteens got to be part of what was probably the most problematic Sonics Session yet - every technical problem that could go wrong did. While then-station engineer Marko (aka Manic Panic) dealt with the situation (“gimme 10 minutes alone in the studio and I’ll fix these goddamn wires" = actual quote), the ever rad and patient Salteens gang kicked up their feet and hung out at the station.

But time was ticking quickly (eventually, the venue called. “Where are you guys?”) and it was turning out, much to everyone’s dismay, that this whole session would have to be cancelled. Luckily, while then-Hooked-on-Sonics-co-host Doctor Lou chatted it up with the band, Manic managed to hammer out the technical glitches and we were back in business.

Determined to record something for us in the short time frame that remained (I think Rob said something along the lines of “We came all the way down here for you guys, we’re not leaving until we give you at least one song!”), we hit record and they rolled through three songs before deciding to even squeeze in one extra.  To this day, the Salteens remain one of the nicest group of people to ever drop by our studios.



Recorded on: 
September 30 2004
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics
Engineered by: 
Marko Jakopanec
Mixed by: 
Omar Husain