Small Sins (aka Ladies and Gentlemen) Live @ CJLO

In town for Pop Montreal with the whole Boompa Records crew, Thom D’Arcy brought his new group, Small Sins (at the time they were called the Ladies and Gentlemen) to the  CJLO Studios September 30, 2005. Along with the kids from Catlow, the session was set up pretty much the day of, with us reaching Thom by phone that morning while they were eating breakfast.  “Cool, what do we need and when do we have to be there?” was pretty much Thom’s answer to if they could do it.

Getting in later that afternoon, we found out that good ol’ Brent from the Salteens was touring with them (coincidentally, this session was recorded exactly one year after the Salteens session was the previous year) along with backing Catlow also.  All in all, the guys zipped through five songs- 
"All the Way" being a then-unreleased song that ended up as a b-side for their "Stay" EP single and "Take Off Your Tops" was, as you can tell, improvised on the spot, heh heh.

But in post-production, we realized that the board didn’t work too well during the recording (most of the glitches we were able to be fixed, thankfully) and the recording turned out a little static-y, but the Small Sins guys did not have the kind of problems their tourmates Catlow had.  That’s a whole different story...



Recorded on: 
September 30 2005
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics
Engineered by: 
Alex Rabot
Mixed by: 
Marko Jakopanec