The Bled Live @ CJLO

Tuscon’s The Bled rolled into the CJLO studios October 28, 2005 and recorded what probably has been the loudest CJLO Session to date.

After having serious trouble getting to the station (thanks, Mapquest…who, for the record, gives the complete opposite directions to get to the station, sending you to East Montreal, rather than West), the guys trucked on, determined to get this session done.

The guys arrived, loaded in (good thing we managed to get security to allow us elevator access, their amps were huge), set up, and blazed through an entire set of songs.  SEVEN songs, with absolutely NO second takes, that’s how tight they were.  It was mindblowing.  Hehehe, their drummer Mike sweated so hard during the set, the guys wrapped him in paper towels to quick-dry him so they could head on out to the venue quickly after.



Recorded on: 
October 28 2005
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics