The Posies Live @ CJLO

One of the highlights of hosting and producing this very show is that sometimes I manage to luck out and get to interview some of my musical heroes like Robert Pollard (Guided by Voices) or John Reis (Rocket from the Crypt, Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu).  This time I managed to up the ante and got Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer of The Posies to come on down to chateau CJLO and spend a good hour talking about their music & careers as well as record four acoustic versions of some of their songs.

In town on a dark Saturday evening, October 2, 2005, for Pop Montreal, I managed to hook this up by doing a little…uh…cyber-stalking.

I had emailed Jon and Ken, but due to the tour they were on, they were unable to check their email.  A couple days before they were to arrive in Montreal and still no reply from them, and me not giving up, I managed to track down the email for Jon’s wife, Michelle (which wasn’t too hard, it was linked through Jon’s website).  Michelle was on tour with the guys and got back into town the DAY they were to arrive in Montreal.  She then forwarded my info to Ken, who rang me up later that day (speaking in French, nonetheless…no joke).  Anyhow, we arranged it up, and I managed to talk our engineer into hanging for an extra hour or so to do this.  Me and Alex (of Losing my Edge fame) then proceeded to head on down to Casa Del Popolo, where the gents were taking in some of the veggie delights over there.  They grabbed their guitar cases, and off we went to CJLO.

Not only were Jon and Ken some of the nicest guys ever (they even mentioned the session in their blogs here and here), but the session came out extremely well and I managed to get 3 video captures of them performing in-studio that also came out pretty damn good.  It’s days like this that make doing this show amazing.  Enjoy the tuneage.



Recorded on: 
October 2 2005
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics