Uncut Live @ CJLO

On the afternoon of December 12, 2004, the CJLO studios were paid a visit by Toronto's Uncut and Magneta Lane, dropping by to record respective sessions and interviews for Hooked on Sonics.  Now, bands always come late for sessions, but as a precaution, whoever's responsible for the session still gets to the station a little bit earlier than the agreed upon time to set up, etc.  Due to work, I was running late, and our then-Program Director Alex was running late due to public transit issues.  Neither of us worried of the band being locked out of CJLO because, again, bands never come on time

Luckily,  CJLO then-engineer Marko was there on time...and so was Uncut and Magneta Lane.  Not only that, they were early.  I remember calling from my drive in and telling Alex, who got there before me, that I was running late and he told me, "dude, they're here".  I still didn't believe him until when I arrived to see Uncut was all set up (guitarist/vocalist Ian Worang was on the floor tuning his guitar), and the gals from Magneta Lane were chilling on the couch in the CJLO DJ booth.  Sooooooo from here on out, Uncut and Magneta Lane have the honour of being the "First Bands to Ever Come on Time"

Both bands were hands down some of the nicest people we've ever encountered at CJLO (so much so, that we all still stay in touch), and later that night we got to witness Uncut's flood light glory when they played that night at Casa del Popolo.  If you think their sound is pretty sweet on record, it's unbelievable live.  I was taking pictures of them in the studio while they were performing, and when they hit the distortion in "Taken in Sleep"...yowza.

During the session, we even got them to succumb to what's now billed as "the controller.controller challenge" and got them to play an amazing new song called "Hideaway" that ended up on their second album, Modern Currencies.



Recorded on: 
December 12 2004
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics
Engineered by: 
Marko Jakopanec
Mixed by: 
Omar Husain