Woodpigeon and Leif Vollebekk Live @ CJLO

After the Salteens did a session here at CJLO many moons ago, Salteens member and Boompa go-to guy Rob has constantly kept an influx of the label's roster into the CJLO session studios.  This time we got something truly special.  In town for a couple of days recording some songs at famed local studio Hotel2Tango, Mark Hamilton of Woodpigeon dropped by to record a session for Hooked on Sonics and brought along Montreal troubadour, and Nevado Records recording artist Leif Vollebekk.  We had just recently sponsored Nevado Records' Pop Montreal showcase that year and had Nevado Records artists Fox Jaws and Yukon Blonde in earlier for their own sessions, so Nevado Records head Nick was all for this too.

Not only were we treated to a sweet double bill (and a fun interview - see below), but Mark and Leif also treated us to two exclusive covers - a Bob Dylan and a Hank Williams one (that has since been played on CBC Radio 2's "Deep Roots" program) that the two had only practiced once earlier in the day at Leif's apartment.  See/hear for yourself below, the results speak for themselvs.



Recorded on: 
November 16 2010
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics
Engineered by: 
Sebastian Perry
Mixed by: 
Sebastian Perry