Episode 20091608

Air Date: 
September 20 2016 - 8:00 AM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

News & Community Calendar
Talk Spot: Good Morning Episode 135: The Directors Influnce Steve McQueen/ DVD Duesday
July TalkLola + Joseph
Patrick WatsonLouis Drax (The 9 Lives of Louis Drax OST)
Talk Spot: More Music
Distractions Groenland
KaytranadaBus Ride
Aliocha The Year
The Tragically HipMy Music At Work
Joni MitchellCalifornia
Talk Spot: Top Box Office/ Birthdays/ Movie News/ Cinematic Fridays
Talk Spot: Steve McQueen Part 1
Carry MulliganNew York New York (Shame OST)
Talk Spot: Steve McQueen Part 2
Hans ZimmerSolomon (12 Years A Slave OST)
Topsy ChapmanRoll Jordan Roll
News & Community Calendar
Talk Spot: Interview with Adrian from Bright Young Things Productions
Talk Spot: The Iconic Sounds From Derek Cienfrance
Mike Patton Schenectady (The PLace Beyond The Pines OST)
Mike PattonSnow Angel (The PLace Byond The Pines OST)
Grizzly Bear Granny Diner (Blue Valintine OST)
Alexndre Desplat Isabelle (Light Between Oceans OST)
Alexandre DesplatPath of Light (Light Between Oceans OST)
Talk Spot: Pablo's Request
Red Hot Chili PeppersScar Tissue
Red Hot Chili PeppersThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
Talk Spot: Last Word: Witty Bantter
Phil Collens Take Me Home
David Bowie Young Americains
David Bowie Young Americans
The Tragically HipAhead By A Century

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