Episode 15081421

Air Date: 
August 15 2014 - 9:00 PM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

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a history in thai traditionalsthai traditonals
john lee hookerno shoes
mississippi fred mcdowellyou gotto move
the souldad bros.shining path
son housedeath letter blues
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r.l. burnsidejumper on the line
agnostic mountain gospel choirlousy drunk
ma raineyprove it on me
kokomo arnoldsissy man blues
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the easy offspoor boy, long way from home
jimmy lee harrisdark cloud rising
lum guffinjack of diamonds
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the yardbirdsi wish you would
the animalsi'm cryin'
the velvet undergroundall tomorrows parties
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jimi hendrixbold as love
t.rexchildren of the revolution
souldad bros.sweat and easy
robin trowerlittle bit of sympathy
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led zeppelinhots for nowhere
leaf houndfreelance fiend
aerosmithtoys in the attic
the allman bros.one way out
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the lively onessurf rider
the treblemakerswaiting for the apocolypse
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illuminatiblack russian blues
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nixon nowrevolver
maximum rock'n'rollstormfront
kill of rightswake
the crumbsuckerstrapped
d.b.c.power and corruption
Tunguska Mammothmarch of the titan
blood sausagee.k.u.
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d.r.i.soup kitchen
d.r.i.mad man
beyond possessionliving to tell you about it
fearwe destroy the family
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random killingjohnny was a punk
beyond possessioncreeping eruption
beyond possessionhard times
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iggy pop'til wrong feels right
leonard coheni'm your man
amy winehouselove is a losing game

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