Episode 19121421

Air Date: 
December 19 2014 - 9:00 PM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

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BiblicalSecond sight
Talk Spot
illuminatiSir lord brubeck
Talk Spot
buddy guyI need you tonight
mojo nixondon henley must die
the souldad brothersshining path
Talk Spot
sladehear me callin' you
kim fowleyunderground lady
the kill devil hillsboneyard rider
johnny cashthe wall
Johnny cashLong black veil
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souldad bros.Sweet and easy
Nicoi'm not saying
led zeppelintea for one
Talk Spot
Sladekeep on rockin'
new york dollskids like you
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Silverheadoh no no no
Iggy popTil wrong feels right
Talk Spot: Fast cars
nixon nowElectric teenage nurnberg
gg allinautomatic
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and the saga continueshe sagsters
And the saga contiueshooptie ain't legal y'all
and the saga continuesthe true pleasure of life
and the saga continuesDance on your grave
and the saga continuesthis elevators going up
scarlet beastcarnival
scarlet beastYou can't fool me again
scarlet beastrazor wire
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The murder city devilsi want a lot now(so come on)
Talk Spot: suicide kings
The clashdeath or glory
Talk Spot
spirit caravancosmic artifact
black sabbathplanet caravan
thin lizzyit's only money
eagle tearsbeach horse
eagle tearsdriftwood
Talk Spot
gypsyhawkstate lines
Son housedeath letter blues
bloodshot billall the time
eugene ripperhangman
Talk Spot
The Ribeye bros.don't pass me by
Nick draketime has told me
eugene ripperhangman
eagle tearsdriftwood

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