Episode 10051719

Air Date: 
May 10 2017 - 7:00 PM
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super/heaterautomatic transmission
Talk Spot: i'm here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...
diner drugs bad books
floating widgetalbatross (nobody loves an)
Talk Spot: ... and i'm all outta bubblegum.
longhousethe vigil
mastodonjaguar god
Talk Spot: dad rock at the daddingest level.
mentors midnite mistress
nekro drunkzheavy metal mustache ride
Talk Spot: hilarious troll elf men and swine related puns.
News & Community Calendar
Talk Spot: let's get remixxxy!
pigviva evil (mortiis remix)
rob zombie living dead girl (subliminal seduction mix)
lamb of godlaid to rest (andy's ill dubstep remix)
Talk Spot: patented, good-time murder-fuzz.
mammoth mammothhole in the head
the hazytonesmarked by the devil
Talk Spot: oh yes. everything is delicious.
woodhawkliving in the sand
zeal & ardorblood in the river

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