Episode 21021819

Air Date: 
February 21 2018 - 7:00 PM
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Talk Spot: hosted by Philiam and Andrew
Tricounty TerrorBeat on Site
Texas Hippie CoalitionTurn it Up
White WizzardPretty May
Madam XBig Rocks Rolls Heavy
RustedRock Patrol
MastodonBlood And Thunder
Porcupine TreeTrains
IntervalsI'm Awake
Between The Buried and Me Condemned to the gallows
News & Community Calendar
Talk Spot: Metal March preview
MastodonShow Yourself
AshbreatherPalaces of Gold (Live in the Oven)
AshbreatherLonely Graves (Live in the Oven)
AshbreatherDying to Live (Live in the Oven)
AshbreatherSave the Sorrows (Live in the Oven)
Ashbreather Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (Live in the Oven)
AshbreatherShake Hands with a Knife (Live in the Oven)

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