Episode 18031612

Air Date: 
March 18 2016 - 12:00 PM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

Talk Spot: Charts Opening
Basia BulatFool
Sunflower BeanHuman Ceremony
Wild NothingLife Of Pause
Talk Spot: Hi I'm Zoe
Le MatosTequila Sunrise
Dr. DogGolden Hind
La SeraHigh Notes
Sarah NeufeldWhere The Light Comes In
Talk Spot: Jugglin
TortoiseHot Coffee
You Say PartyIgnorance
Essaie PasDemain Est Une Autre Nuit
TaliscoFollow Me
News & Community Calendar
Anderson PaakPut Me Thru
WintersleepFreak Out
Junior BoysOver It
DaughterNo Care
Jonathan EmileReception
TeenAll About Us
StrikerEscape From Shred City
CauldronBurning At Both Ends
Buffalo Theory MTLPsychic Enclosure
NecronomiconUnification of the Four Pillars
Talk Spot: Never been to the hills
Ty SegallCalifornia Hill
DIIVBlue Boredom (With Sky Ferreira)
The Dirty NilBruto Bloody Bruto
Moka OnlyBrutes McGroots
WaingroVan Sant
3 Inches of BloodCall of the Hammer (live @ CJLO)

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