Episode 05011716

Air Date: 
January 5 2017 - 4:00 PM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

Talk Spot: Hooked on Dirty Airplay Intro
RadioheadFul Stop
Talk Spot: Weirdo Adult Contempo
Bon Iver10 Deathbreast Oua Oua
MitskiYour Best American Girl
TracesImaginary Life
Talk Spot: Switching Up / Regrets
Anderson PaakAm I Wrong (feat. Schoolboy Q)
Talk Spot: A Polaris Win I Can Endorse
KaytranadaOne Too Many
Talk Spot: Top 10 Begins
DoomsquadIt's The Nail That Counts, Not The Rope
Talk Spot: Omar on Bob Mould
Bob MouldMonument
News & Community Calendar
Talk Spot: Misspellllled Bannnnd and tittles
Flyying ColoursMindfullness
Talk Spot: Omar Likes White Lung
White LungKiss Me When I Bleed
Talk Spot: Paul Catches Up
HoneybloodSea Hearts
Talk Spot: Paul Likes Minor Victories
Minor VictoriesFolk Arp
NennenAnger Cure
Talk Spot: Paul has Nx Worries
Nx WorriesGet Bigger / Do U Luv
A Tribe Called QuestWe The People
Talk Spot: Occultists and Stoners and Initials
L'Orange & Mr. LifThe Scribe
Talk Spot: Sonics Intro
Talk Spot: Tech Diffs
DalekMasked Laughter
Talk Spot: Denis Likes Vallens
Talk Spot: Filtered...unfiltered
Letters To Cleo4 Leaf Clover
Talk Spot: Denis Likes Holy Eff
Holy FuckTom Tom
Talk Spot: Lees of Memory
The Lees of MemoryXLii
Talk Spot: Nothing
NothingVertigo Flowers
Talk Spot: Jessy Lanza
Jessy LanzaVV Violence
Talk Spot: DH or No DH?
Modern BaseballJust Another Face
Talk Spot: Omar and Denis are Kestrels Twinsies
KestrelsAre You Alone?
Talk Spot: Paul is a Radiohead-head
Talk Spot: Simonized
Joyce ManorReversing Machine
AutoluxHamster Suite
Talk Spot: Nennen
Touche AmoreNew Halloween
A Tribe Called QuestThe Space Program

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