Episode 12051618

Air Date: 
May 12 2016 - 6:00 PM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

Talk Spot: Dirty Intro
RadioheadBurn The Witch
OperatorsMission Creep
Reversing FallsDisappear
Talk Spot: Toning down and getting sad
NothingOur Plague
CloakroomMynd Funeral
Big BraveThere Are No Victories Only Burning Flags and Fallen Men
Talk Spot: Pepping it up
Sonic YouthPacific Coast Highway
Pity SexBurden You
Talk Spot: Lord knows what's coming next
The Besnard LakesTungsten 4: The Refugee
News & Community Calendar
Explosions In The SkyColors In Space
AutoluxListen to the Order
GrimesWorld Princess Part II
M83Laser Gun
Talk Spot: Sick Songs
DisappearsHibernation Sickness
The Soft MoonSewer Sickness
Talk Spot: Something a bit different
Oneohtrix Point NeverChild of Rage
Jessy LanzaVV Violence
NailbiterFall Lows
Le MatosPlaytime is Over
Parquet CourtsParaphrased

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