Episode 15021612

Air Date: 
February 15 2016 - 12:00 PM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

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Eric WhitacreWater Night
Talk Spot: It's a calm music kind of day
Eric WhitacreLux Aurumque, Nox Aurumque
Talk Spot: I cannon not tell you how much I love Brahms
Johannes Brahms7 Cannons
Maurice Ravel3 Poems: I. Soupir, II. Placet Futile, III. Surgi de la croupe et du bond
Eric Whitacre, perf. Musica IntimaLeonard Dreams of his Flying Machine
Talk Spot: I've needed this relaxing music so much
Arvo PartSpiegel im Spiegel
News & Community Calendar
Talk Spot: I am looking forward to enjoying the next hour
Arvo PartTunc Ergo Tradidit Eis Illum Ut Crucifgeretur
Talk Spot: One of my favourite pieces for prepared piano
Arvo PartTabula Rasa
Talk Spot: I could listen to Arvo Part all day
Arvo PartSalve Regina
Talk Spot: Thanks for tuning in!
Ciro PinsutiGoodnight, Goodnight Beloved

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