Episode 20071512

Air Date: 
July 20 2015 - 12:00 PM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

News & Community Calendar
Legends of Zelda 25th Anniversary OrchestraGreat Fairy's Fountain Theme
Talk Spot: I know so much about video games
Legends of Zelda 25th Anniversary OrchestraMain Theme
Talk Spot: Yup, I definitely know what I'm talking about
Legends of Zelda 25th Anniversary OrchestraSymphonic Legends
Talk Spot: Ya know what I'm an expert on? Video games. Definitely.
News & Community Calendar
Michiru YamaneThemes from Castlevania
Talk Spot: This definitely counts as classical music.
Michael McCannIcarus; Main Theme
Michael McCannLower Hengsha Ambient Part 1
Michael McCannSingapore Ambient Part 2
Michael McCannEverybody Lies
Talk Spot: I'm an expert on everything video games
Kō ŌtaniShadow of the Colossus
Talk Spot: What do you mean? I absolutely listened to this piece in it's entirety before deciding to play in o
Legends of Zelda 25th Anniversary OrchestraTwilight Princess Symphonic Movement
Talk Spot: Electric guitar - so classical.
Michiru YamaneBloody Tears
Michiru YamaneCastlevania (1988)
Michiru YamaneCastlevania II
Talk Spot: So professional
Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary OrchestraGerudo Valley

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